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Brett Max and Grace

We are located in Yukon, Oklahoma. At Willow Rock Shilohs we strive to promote and raise the breed of Shiloh Shepherds.

The Shiloh Shepherd was developed by Tina M. Barber of Shiloh Shepherds (kennel) in New York, United States. In 1974, she began developing a new line of German Shepherd Dog. Her goal was to preserve the type of dog she remembered from her childhood in Germany: dogs that are good family companions, exceptionally intelligent, both physically and mentally sound, and large in size.

This magnificent dog is known for being loyal and outgoing personalities. They were developed to be gentle and loving, able to work with animals and children, while still possessing a trainable drive for working applications, such as assistive service, obedience, or herding.

More importantly Shiloh Shepherd is recognized for its loyalty and dedication to their family. They are exceptional service dogs, love children and are faithful companion.

Come visit us and pick up a puppy that is right for you. Our puppies come with health guarantee and ISSR registration papers. We can also ship your puppy to you anywhere in the world depending on your country requirements.



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